How These Vehicle Title Loans Really Work

When you have the cash in your hand from a vehicle title loan, it's yours to do with as you will because title loans Port St. Lucie are secured. Secured means that you offer an asset to the lender to protect their loan make it less risky for them. Now you might worry that it means we'll put your vehicle in storage until you repay the loan. We actually don't need to because there's another way to secure the loan by simply holding the vehicle title.

What that means is a lien will be put on the title while you're using the title loan, but promptly removed once it's repaid. But when you bring your vehicle to us for the final inspection and paperwork signing, rest assured that you'll get to drive it back home as well.

What you should be aware of is that if you have any current liens on the title such as payments you still owe to the bank or towing fees, you'll need to take care of those to get your title cleared. What we may be able to do is if you've already paid off most of your vehicle loan or lien fees, we may be able to buyout the rest of the payments and have the lien transferred to us, or what's known as a second lien title loan. Note that there could be additional fees for this.

Our title loans at Chatfield Financing last for 30 days at the end of which time they'll either need to be paid in full, or paid enough to have an extension period. This is a little more time than what you'll find with other loans like payday loans or short-term installments. But it is still highly recommend that you pay off your balance in full as soon as possible to avoid carrying long-term debt.

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What's Required To Apply For Our Vehicle Title Loans

The great thing about our service at Chatfield Financing is that we don't give you the runaround when it comes to applying for title loans Port St. Lucie.
Here's what you will need to comply with local and federal title loan laws:

A valid photo ID proving you're 18 and a Florida resident, and it should be a government-issued ID like a driver's license or passport

Your vehicle title sent from the DMV

One other document verifying your monthly income

What you will not need to worry about are the following:

A credit check or report sent to any credit bureau

Long piles of paperwork to fill out

A long hold time on your funds

There will be a little paperwork you have to fill out at our Port St. Lucie store to verify that all information you're providing is correct, and to sign over your title and confirm you understand your payment agreement. But it is nowhere near as lengthy as the usual loan paperwork at banks. Usually the process will go faster if you fill in our online application first and then complete the rest when you bring your vehicle in. Once it clears inspection, your funds should be released and usually available within 24 hours.

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Our Company's Convenient Services

At Chatfield Financing, we're compliant with all Florida and federal title loan laws and are registered with the state Office of Financial Regulation.

Our company values transparency and is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have about title loans Port St. Lucie.

We're conveniently located within the city limits so customers can find us.

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